Membership 2017/18

We are pleased to announce that the NSDSC are in a position to invite membership renewal for the 2017/18 membership year .

Due to a 10% increase in the members’ insurance premium, there is a resultant increase in the membership dues this year.

The fees are as follows:

Early Bird renewal, prior to 30th April 2017   –   £75   – for existing members only.

Renewal on or after  1st May 2017  –  £85

New memberships,  (where accepted)   –  £90

Download and complete your membership application / renewal form here:nsdsc-memb-app-form-2017-18 (Excel document), or nsdsc-memb-app-form-2017-18  (PDF File)

Payment can be sent directly to the NSDSC  Bank account as in previous years (this is our preferred method).  Bank Details are available on request.  Or send a Cheque payable to the National Sled Dog Sports Centre, and post to Mary Carter, Bowland Trails, Netheraird of Glasclune, Blairgowrie, Perthshire, PH10 6SF.

Hoping all NSDSC members had an enjoyable season with your canine partners, and wishing every success and enjoyment to you all in the forthcoming year.


2016/17 membership information

The NSDSC is now in a position to invite membership for 2016/17.

The current insurance policy had been extended by the NSDSC to run to the 31st March 2016 for its existing members in preparation for the new insurer’s policy which will commence on the 1st April.

However, as the insurance cover is an integral part of membership, and the premium and confirmation of terms has only been verbally received today, a further week’s extension has been obtained to allow members time to renew without losing continuity of members insurance cover.

The membership year will run concurrently with the new policy, and will therefore run from 1st April 2016 to 31st March 2017.

We are happy to inform membership fees for 2016 / 17  will remain the same as 2015/16.

New membership cards are to be issued to all members for 2016/17, so passport style photos must be provided  for your membership to be accepted.  These can be sent by email, and happy to accept a scan of photocard driving licence / passport etc

Early – Bird renewal prior to 30th April 2016   –  £70

Renewal after 1st May 2016  –  £80

New memberships, as above, plus £5 administration fee.

Payments can be made by cheque, or directly to the NSDSC bank account as in previous years (details will be provided on request if needed) Please ensure you use either your name or membership number as your payment reference.



Insurance Policy for 2015/16 has been secured


We have today received confirmation that the Insurers have offered the renewal of the NSDSC insurance policy, so  we can now at last offer membership of the NSDSC for 2015/16

We are awaiting the policy document, but the brokers have informed us that the policy will run from 20th March 2015 to 19th March 2016, so a constitutional change will be proposed to change the membership and financial year to coincide with the insurance policy, which will hopefully help in future years

The policy will offer the same £5 million cover for NSDSC members residing in the UK, and British Armed Forces members (and family) serving overseas, as in the previous policy. In addition, the insurers have accepted our request that training of sleddogs using motorised ATV’s is now included in the cover, and that  the wording of our ‘activities’ should include the wording ‘Canicross’ and ‘Skijor’ as we felt these activities ought to be specifically mentioned to avoid any possible future mis-interpretation.

The acitivities / business of the NSDSC should now be listed on the policy as:

Training and racing sled dogs, including canicross, skijor, use of sleds, three or four wheeled rigs, bicycles, scooters, motorised & non-motorised ATV’s.

We understand the insurers have excluded any cover for Road Traffic Accidents occurring as a result of training sleddogs on a motorised ATV.     We will confirm any specifics once the policy document is received.

The premium has seen a 7% increase , which is reflected in the £5 increase in the 2015/16 membership fees:

Renewal prior to 31st May 2015   –  £70

Renewal after 1st June 2015  –  £80

New memberships, as above, plus £5 administration fee.

Payments can be made direct to the NSDSC bank account from an account in your own name, using your membership number as your payment reference.

Bank account Name: National Sled Dog Sports Centre

Sort Code: 80-06-19

Bank account Number: 00701837

Or,  post to: Mary Carter.  Bowland Trails, Netheraird of Glasclune, Blairgowrie, Perthshire, PH10 6SF

Please make all cheques payable to National Sled Dog Sports Centre

New members should submit a membership form (downloaded here: NSDSC.Memb.App.Form  ) and passport style photo and send by post to the address above, or scan &  email to prior to making the bank transfer.


We hope our members have had an enjoyable and successful season, and look forward to seeing you at NSDSC associated events after the summer break.


New Updated Information regarding NSDSC Members Insurance

I have today received written confirmation that our insurer has extended the current insurance policy for a further 14 days from today, so, in view of this –  all 2014/15 NSDSC members  will remain covered by the members insurance for their sleddog activies during this time.    There has been no break in continuity of cover.


We are still awaiting the terms for our 2015 / 16 renewal policy, so, as yet I am unable to give details of dues for uptake of membership for 2015/16.


I will update via our website as soon as our very apologetic broker manages to secure the renewal policy.



Members – Important Insurance News

To all existing members of the NSDSC

As you will be aware, your annual membership is due for renewal on the 1st March 2015.

However, renewals and new memberships for 2015/16 will not be accepted until the new members insurance policy is secured for the year and NSDSC have received the quote for the annual premium.

The current members insurance policy is still in place, so for now the NSDSC will extend the membership for a further week, and hopefully by the end of that time NSDSC will be in a position to set the fee and invite membership for this coming year.




Membership Renewals – Email Delivery Failure

I have, this evening, sent out the renewal information via email to all existing members.   I have received notification  from the mailer delivery system that several emails have been returned un-sent.   I will try to re-send these over the next few days.

If you are amongst those who have not received my email, the email attachment can be downloaded by clicking on: NSDSC renewal 2 and NSDSC.Memb.App.Form

Membership Dues 2014 / 2015

The NSDSC has at last today received the new members insurance policy and invoice for the premium for renewal.

I will be sending out a renewal email to all active members requesting payment of their annual dues for the 2014 / 2015 membership year, which will run until the 28th February 2015.    Renewals may be paid by Cash, Postal order, cheque, or by Direct Bank Transfer (details for BACS / SWIFT payment will be included in the renewal email).

The membership fees have been increased this year to cover the premium rise in the new policy, but a £10 reduction will be granted to those who renew prior to 31st May 2014.

Confirmation of Membership including Certificates of Insurance will be sent out as soon as possible following receipt of cleared funds.


The membership fees for 2014 /15 are as follows:

Renewal prior to 31st May 2014                      £65.00

New memberships prior to 31st May 2014      £70.00

Renewal after 1st June 2014                             £75.00

New memberships after 1st June 2014              £80.00


Membership application forms can be downloaded here:  NSDSC.Memb.App.Form

Please make all cheques or postal orders payable to :   National Sled Dog Sports Centre

and post to:   Mary Carter.  Bowland Trails, Netheraird of Glasclune, Blairgowrie, Perthshire, PH10 6SF