Civil Liability Insurance for Mushers
General Information  
The following is the information regarding civil liability insurance for mushers:
Insurance to a maximum of 5,000,000 pounds, including:
1. Public Liability (damage to third party property or persons)
2. Product Liability (goods supplied)
3. Errors and Omissions (advice given or not given)
4. Member to Member Liability
5. Libel, Slander and all other matters under Civil Law
The above cover is not limited to the United Kingdom, but excludes USA and Canada.
Some questions I have been asked, and their answers.
Q – Will quad training be covered?
– Training undertaken with quads is covered provided it is non-motorised. There is a specific exclusion under the policy regarding mechanically propelled vehicles.
Q – Have seen the ad re insurance on your web site and am hoping you can explain a bit more about it, anyway could you just tell me why it would be a good idea to have this and give me an example of what it would cover me for for or is it the for dogs??
A – The policy provides indemnity to active members, resident in the United Kingdom  for legal liability. This means if it is alleged that a member has been negligent resulting in someone suffering bodily injury or damage to their property, the policy will respond to protect the member.
Q – Just a quick question that we have heard mentioned before, if you have this insurance and you are also insured via the SHCGB & SSHC membership, you have in effect got 3 insurance policies. If you had to make a claim, do all three companies argue on who will pay out? And you end up not being covered.
A – I believe that the normal procedure is that no matter how many policies one has one may only claim on one. To do otherwise would constitute fraud. This means that an individual would have to make only one claim or notify all the companies involved of the multiple policies.
Q – Is it an established company?
A – The insurance is arranged through an established sports insurance broker. From past experience in dealing with them, the cover is obtained from the major insurance companies.
Q – Are there any excesses involved?
A – There is a £100 excess for damage to property /belongings.
Q – Are there household rates as well as per person?
A – The insurance is available to members of the National Sleddog Sports Centre so each person in a household must be individually named to be covered.
Q – Does it cover ‘at home’ as well as working/competing, e.g. if a dog runs out and causes an accident?
A – The insurance relates solely to Sled Dog Sport. Some household insurance policies cover damage caused by pets and you should check this out with either your household or pet insurance company.
Q – Is this insurance per person or per couple?
A – It is Per Person
Q – Will we get a copy of the policy?
A – A copy of the certificate is available to all active members
Q – Is this a general policy for all Sled Dogs, or specifically for Sibes only?
– Regarding types of dogs, all that is required is that they are being trained or raced as sleddogs. Breeds have nothing to do with it.
Q – If someone makes a claim, will our policy be directly impacted, re higher premiums the following year, i.e. loss of No Claims Discount, if appropriate, or would and increase the following year be through standard inflation?
A – It is likely that the insurers would require a higher premium if a substantial claim arose. The increase in premium would be dependent on the size of the claim.
Q – Is this policy available to Juniors (under 16 years old), or only for adults? If it is available, would it be at a reduced rate?
A – There was no question of the age of participants and no special rates for juniors.
Subject to the Policy Terms, Conditions and Exclusions