Welcome to the National Sled Dog Sports Centre.
We are a small group of like minded individuals, brought together by our mutual interest in working our dogs on harness
We hope to encourage others to participate in sleddog events by promoting an atmosphere that is relaxed, welcoming and inclusive. Dog care is of the highest importance and every precaution is taken to ensure the well being of the dogs involved.
If you are interested in learning more or taking part, please contact us by email info@nsdsc.org
To run at an NSDSC event, you will be required to have adequate insurance coverage. The Sled Dog Sports Centre offers an insurance policy to all its members which covers racing and training. If you do not wish to take out insurance through NSDSC, you must provide evidence of equivalent coverage, mainly an insurance certificate which names you as an insured party and details the amount and nature of the coverage provided.
For full details of the insurance position, please look at our Insurance page.
Please note that the insurance runs from 1 March each year.
Renewals for the year March 2014 – Feb 2015 are now due and will be £65 if before 31st May, or £75 thereafter. A membership renewal  email will be sent out to all current members
We hope to see you on the trail this coming season.