New Updated Information regarding NSDSC Members Insurance

I have today received written confirmation that our insurer has extended the current insurance policy for a further 14 days from today, so, in view of this –  all 2014/15 NSDSC members  will remain covered by the members insurance for their sleddog activies during this time.    There has been no break in continuity of cover.


We are still awaiting the terms for our 2015 / 16 renewal policy, so, as yet I am unable to give details of dues for uptake of membership for 2015/16.


I will update via our website as soon as our very apologetic broker manages to secure the renewal policy.




Members – Important Insurance News

To all existing members of the NSDSC

As you will be aware, your annual membership is due for renewal on the 1st March 2015.

However, renewals and new memberships for 2015/16 will not be accepted until the new members insurance policy is secured for the year and NSDSC have received the quote for the annual premium.

The current members insurance policy is still in place, so for now the NSDSC will extend the membership for a further week, and hopefully by the end of that time NSDSC will be in a position to set the fee and invite membership for this coming year.