Further Update re NSDSC Members Insurance

We have today received by email, ‘written’ confirmation from our Broker that our new members insurance policy is in place, however, we still await full written details of the policy & insurance premium details, so for now, all our 2013/14 active members will be covered by the new policy (from March 20th 2014) and I will continue to keep our members informed of progress & details of membership renewal for 2014/15 once finalised.


Finally some good news re members insurance

As you are all aware, NSDSC have had difficulty securing a new insurance policy for our members, and the extension granted from Royal Sun Alliance expires today (20th March)

However, today we have received promise from our broker of a like-for-like policy that has been secured with a new insurer. Final details are just being drawn up and then NSDSC will be able to offer its members the same insurance cover as granted previously including independent training, competing with any organisation and cover for international training and racing.

Full details to follow, including membership renewal fees & online payment.

Latest update re NSDSC members insurance

NSDSC has been granted a further, but final extension to their insurance policy with RSA through to and including 20th March 2014 which will provide continued cover to all our existing 2013 / 2014 members.
Our Broker is still approaching further insurance companies in an attempt to secure a new suitable policy, and we will keep our members informed of any developments and progress.

Thank you for your patience.