2016/17 membership information

The NSDSC is now in a position to invite membership for 2016/17.

The current insurance policy had been extended by the NSDSC to run to the 31st March 2016 for its existing members in preparation for the new insurer’s policy which will commence on the 1st April.

However, as the insurance cover is an integral part of membership, and the premium and confirmation of terms has only been verbally received today, a further week’s extension has been obtained to allow members time to renew without losing continuity of members insurance cover.

The membership year will run concurrently with the new policy, and will therefore run from 1st April 2016 to 31st March 2017.

We are happy to inform membership fees for 2016 / 17  will remain the same as 2015/16.

New membership cards are to be issued to all members for 2016/17, so passport style photos must be provided  for your membership to be accepted.  These can be sent by email, and happy to accept a scan of photocard driving licence / passport etc

Early – Bird renewal prior to 30th April 2016   –  £70

Renewal after 1st May 2016  –  £80

New memberships, as above, plus £5 administration fee.

Payments can be made by cheque, or directly to the NSDSC bank account as in previous years (details will be provided on request if needed) Please ensure you use either your name or membership number as your payment reference.




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